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Input Voltage 220V DC (187 to 260 VDC)
Output Voltage 0 to 220V DC
Soft start time 8Â Sec
Output Power Upto 10KW
Output current (nominal) 47.5A
Starting current 100A (Max.)
Efficiency > 96%
Display (LCD) Input voltage, output voltage, output  current,  Field current, Motor rating, Local/Remote/Off
Field Control Upto 20% reduction through Field Trimming Resistor
Field Current 2A
Current Signal 4-20mA proportional to Armature current
Remote Remote Control, Remote faultmonitoring, Remote ON/FF, Remote current measurement  through 4-20Ma Signal
Protection DC under Voltage, DC over Voltage,  Overload, Short Circuit, Field fail, Inrush bypass contactor fault, Bypass contactor fault, IGBT Temperature high, Reverse Polarity at the input
Operating temperature -5 to +50 deg C
Humidity 95% max (non –condensing)
Degree of Protection IP-55
  • Upto 10KW at 220V DC
  • Output current 100A max
  • IGBT based
  • In-rush current limit
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • DSP controlled, Menu driven
  • 4-20mA armature current
  • Single soft starter for various motor ratings – Configurable for lower ratings