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Professional Inverters

I N P U T Voltage 42 to 57 V DC
Current 22A Nominal (Max 28A)  
Inrush current < 270 A, 180A typical  
Psophometric Noise < 4mV without battery  
 O U T P U T Voltage (Default) 230V AC
Voltage range 210 to 230V AC  
Voltage static regulation +/- 2%  
Voltage dynamic regulation < 10% with battery connected, recovery < 100ms  
Current 4.34A  
Overload capability 4.6A for 1 hour  
Soft Start time < 5 sec.  
Distortion < 3%  
  G E N E R A L Efficiency > 85%
Acoustic noise < 60dBA at 1 m distance  
Lightning immunity 6KV. 2KA  
Dielectric strength 2KV input-output/input-ground  
Insulation resistance >5 MW at 500V DC  
Dimension (mm) 260 (W) x 450 (D) x 430 (H)  
Weight 32 Kg.  
EMC G/EMI-01/02 Jun 2000  
Indication Input/Output voltage; Input/Output current; frequency, DC ON                                             ,DC Lo*DC Reverse, DC Hi*, AC ON,  AC Lo Load on Inverter, AC Hi, Load on Stand-by, OL , LF/HF  
Ambient Temperature 55 degree C  
RH 95% non-condensing